Searches of Student Flats

Tom Williams made this Official Information request to University of Otago

The request was successful.

From: Tom Williams

Dear University of Otago,

I have read today about 2 instances of the university proctor entering student flats and removing bongs/water pipes.

Can you please tell me:
1: How many searches of student's flats the university or its staff have conducted?

2: What percentage of these have resulted in items being confiscated?

3: What percentage of searches have occurred without the residents prior knowledge?

4: What the university's policy and processes are for staff possessing and disposing of drugs and drug paraphernalia?

Yours faithfully,
Tom Williams

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From: Chris Stoddart
University of Otago

Dear Mr Williams


In response to your Official Information Act request dated 24 September
2018, neither the University Proctor nor any other staff have the power to
search private premises and the University has no knowledge of any staff
member having done so. 


The University does not have a specific policy on staff possessing and
disposing of drugs and drug paraphernalia, however, it expects staff to
abide by the laws of New Zealand. 




Chris Stoddart


University of Otago


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