Evidence the University has consulted on its proposed name change with claimed audiences

Toby Beaglehole made this Official Information request to Victoria University of Wellington

The request was partially successful.

From: Toby Beaglehole

Dear Victoria University of Wellington,

The University's approach to consulting over its proposed name change states the University has engaged with stakeholder groups as listed below. For each audience, please provide evidence of the communications plan used to engage, including communications sent and received on this topic, summaries, reports and supporting papers.

The University's stated audiences are:
• staff both past and present
• domestic and international students
• alumni both here and off-shore
• stakeholder groups including civic leaders, other tertiary institutions and Maori
• members of the public
• relevant public agencies

Please also provide documentation demonstrating the University's statements that it is:
• seeking professional advice from specialists in university marketing both here and offshore
• seeking the professional advice of ranking agencies
• seeking advice from other universities that have made a similar change to their name
• undertaking market research to understand the views of prospective international students and their parents (across 7 countries) - please provide the survey used and reporting generated
• seeking the views of international agents

Please provide evidence and the process by which the University concluded that staff (including management and union/s) are largely in support of the name change, and that the executives of VUWSA, the Maori Students Association and the Postgraduate Students Association and the Foundation Trustees are also in support of this change.

Please provide the consultation and communication plan for Victoria University's name change process, including all key dates and milestones.

Finally, could the University please provide the reports that were used to conclude that Victoria's reputation is being sullied by poor performing namesakes.

Yours faithfully,

Toby Beaglehole

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From: OIA Requests
Victoria University of Wellington

Good afternoon,


Thank you for your request made under the Official Information Act 1982.


I advise that a response will be provided within 20 working days following
receipt of your request.


Ngā mihi nui,

Karen Heine

Policy and Information Coordinator

Victoria University of Wellington / Te Whare Wananga o te Upoko o te Ika a

Room 214, Hunter Building

Gate 2, Kelburn Parade

PO Box 600


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From: OIA Requests
Victoria University of Wellington

Attachment VUWC Name Simplification 22 May original Redacted.pdf
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Attachment Victoria University Brand project 2018 1 March 2018 Redacted.pdf
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Attachment Stakeholder Forum ppt highlighted redactions Redacted.pdf
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Attachment Staff Forum ppt original Redacted.pdf
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Attachment Public Paper Name simplification.pdf
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Attachment Presentation Redacted.pdf
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Attachment International Reputation Project 23 April 2018 Redacted.pdf
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Attachment Documents Redacted.pdf
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Attachment Council paper 2 Redacted.pdf
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Attachment Council paper Redacted.pdf
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Attachment Chris Hipkins Letter 28 February Redacted.pdf
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Attachment Alumni e newsletter May.pdf
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Attachment Alumni e newsletter April.pdf
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Attachment 18 095 Branding Project Scope and Focus Memo Redacted.pdf
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Kia ora Toby

Thank you for your request under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act).

Please find attached to this response all of the relevant documentation pertaining to the proposal to simplify the name of Victoria University of Wellington. You will see that some of the information is, where necessary, redacted under the following sections of the Act:
• 9(2)(b)(ii) - where withholding the information is necessary to protect information where the making available of the information would be likely unreasonably to prejudice the commercial position of the person who supplied or who is the subject of the information;
• 9(2)(i) - where withholding is necessary to enable the University to carry out, without prejudice or disadvantage, commercial activities;
• 9(2)(k) - where withholding is necessary to prevent the disclosure or use of official information for improper gain or improper advantage; and
• 9(2)(a) – where withholding is necessary to protect the privacy of natural persons.

In particular, redactions were made where the information provided comparisons to other New Zealand universities or was not relevant to the name simplification proposal. Release of this information would prejudice the University’s commercial position in relation to its competitors, and would give those competitors an improper advantage by providing them with insights into Victoria University of Wellington’s potential future activities offshore, and into how international students may be influenced to consider other universities in New Zealand.

In addition, further information relevant to your request can be found publicly available on the University’s website here https://www.victoria.ac.nz/about/victori....

Ngâ mihi nui

Georgia Tawharu
Adviser, Information Access and Copyright
Level 7, Rankine Brown
Victoria University of Wellington, Te Whare Wânanga o te Ûpoko o te Ika a Mâui
Gate 2 Kelburn Parade PO Box 600, Wellington 6140, New Zealand

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