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Orthognathic (jaw) misalignment surgery

Xin’Er Jiang made this Official Information request to Auckland District Health Board

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From: Xin’Er Jiang

Dear Auckland District Health Board,

I am a 22 year old student and citizen who have struggled with an overbite for many years. The result of this lead to ingrown wisdom teeth and chronic teeth grinding, both of which have impaired my speech and caused pain to my inner cheeks as they bite down and obstruct the tissue when I close my jaw.

Last year, I paid to remove my wisdom teeth in Thailand as the entire excursion including teeth cleansing was cheaper than private dental removal in New Zealand, and the long wait list for public wisdom teeth removal was not feasible due to the pain.

The pain caused by the ingrown wisdom teeth has since subsided but recently I have felt that more teeth have grown in its place, I presume due to irregular teeth and jaw displacement. My chronic teeth grinding is still ongoing. The orthognathic surgery will be rectify these issues instead of aiding as temporary solutions.

Thanks for assisting with my request.

Yours faithfully,
Xin’Er Jiang

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From: Michelle Webb (ADHB)
Auckland District Health Board

Hi Xin’Er Jiang

Your email of 27 June 2018 has recently been forwarded to me.

Before I can help, I need to better understand what it is you're seeking.

Are you looking for information to help you obtain treatment for your condition? If so, it would be best to seek an appointment with a dentist who can then refer you to the appropriate DHB. Alternatively, you could speak to our Regional Oral Health Service, as they can provide you with detailed advice about the process.

Please also see http://www.adhb.health.nz/our-services/a... for more information about this service and how to access it.

I do hope this information is helpful. If you need further assistance you're welcome to call our General Enquiries Line on (09) 367 0000. They can put you in touch with the right person to speak to.

(For your reference, I haven't treated this as an Official Information Act request. This is because requests made under the Official Information Act go through a very formal process which may not meet your needs).

Kind regards,

Michelle Webb
Interim OIA Coordinator |Corporate Committee Administrator| Committee Secretary – Disability Support Advisory Committee & Hospital Advisory Committee |Corporate Business Team
09 307 4949 ext 22365 | [email address]
Auckland District Health Board| Level 1 | Building A37 | Park Road Grafton
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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Xin’Er Jiang please sign in and let everyone know.

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