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Ti Lamusse made this Official Information request to Department of Corrections

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From: Ti Lamusse

Dear Department of Corrections,

In Anna Leask’s 2017 book, “Behind Bars”, she claims that, on being received in a prison, each prisoner is asked a series of questions (both for the purposes of ascertaining at-risk status, as well as demographic and other questions). She claims that prisoners are asked their sexual orientation in the receiving office, when they first enter prison.

1. Is this claim correct? Is there a national policy to ask the sexual orientation of all prisoners on reception to prison? If yes, does this happen each time they are transferred between the prison estate, or just when they enter prison for the first time?

2. I understand that this question may differ from prison to prison. Please let me know what the policy is on asking sexual orientation, broken down by each prison.

3. If this data is collected, please provide me with the throughput number of people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, or otherwise non-heterosexual. Please break this down by year. Please provide me with the throughput total number of prisoners for the corresponding years.

4. If this data is collected at a prison-by-prison basis, please provide the throughput for non-heterosexual prisoners, as well as, the throughput of all prisoners, broken down by each prison.

If this data is available, please provide it to me in excel spreadsheet form.

Please contact me if you need clarification.

Yours sincerely,

Ti Lamusse

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From: Info@Corrections
Department of Corrections



Thank you for contacting the Department of Corrections; this is an
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If you are a friend or family member of someone in prison, you can find
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If you are requesting information we are required to comply with the
Privacy Act 1993, the Official Information Act 1982 and the Victims Rights
Act 2002.


Unless you are the victim of a serious crime, or there are safety reasons,
we are required to ask the offender for their permission to release their
information to you.  If you do not want the offender to know you are
asking about them, please let us know as soon as possible.


If you are a victim, you will find information about the Victim
Notification Register on our website [2]here.


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Kind regards,

The Ministerial Services Team

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Mark Hanna left an annotation ()

Might also be worth asking for the number of people who refused to provide this information, assuming that's a possible response?

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From: Ti Lamusse

Dear Info@Corrections,

This is an amendment this request: Please also provide me, if the data exists, the number of people who refused to answer the question — broken down as requested initially.

Yours sincerely,

Ti Lamusse

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From: Info@Corrections
Department of Corrections

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Dear Ti,


Thank you for your emails of 21 June 2018, requesting information relating
to prisoners being asked their sexual orientation on reception to prison.


Please note your further inwards email providing an amendment of this
request was also received.


Your request will be considered under the Official Information Act 1982.


Kind regards,




Ministerial Services

National Office | Department of Corrections Ara Poutama Aotearoa

44-52 The Terrace, Wellington 6011 | Private Box 1206, Wellington 6140

[1]1 [2]4,3,2




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From: Info@Corrections
Department of Corrections

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Good afternoon

Please see attached correspondence from the Department of Corrections.

Kind regards

Ministerial Services
National Office | Department of Corrections Ara Poutama Aotearoa |
Mayfair House, 44-52 The Terrace, Wellington | Private Bag 1206, Wellington 6140 |

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