Removal of Critic Magazine

Nigel Jones made this Official Information request to University of Otago

The request was successful.

From: Nigel Jones

Dear University of Otago,

The Stuff News website on 22/May reported[1] that copies of Critic magazine were removed from the Otago campuses by University staff.

Under the Official Information Act I ask that you please provide:

- Copies of complaints that triggered their removal
- Copies of Internal communications leading to, and as a result of the removal of magazines, including the order that they be removed, and discussions pertaining to media inquiries as a result of their removal.

Yours faithfully,

Nigel Jones


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From: University of Otago Registrar
University of Otago

Dear Mr Jones,
I respond to your official information request of 22 May 2018 as follows:
The University did not receive any complaints about Issue 12, 2018 of
Critic magazine.
There was no order given by the University that any magazines be removed. 
The only communication about the matter prior to the removal of copies of
the magazine from the Campus was an informal comment made by the Proctor
to a member of Campus Watch noting Critic's own decision to remove copies
from certain public places.  This comment was misinterpreted and led to
some individual Campus Watch members removing copies from the campus.
The only internal communications subsequent to the University becoming
aware of the situation are communications relating to the formulation of
responses to media and other enquiries concerning the removal of copies of
the magazine.  These are withheld under 9(2)(g)(i) of the Official
Information Act on the basis that staff must be free to exchange views
confidentially as they develop responses to media and others.
I note your entitlement to have this response reviewed by an Ombudsman.
Jan A Flood

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