Facility-based/host-family respite centers

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From: Kate O'Connell

Dear Ministry of Health,

Kia ora,
I'm working on an invesgtigation into Respite care centers in New Zealand and would like to request the following information.

-What policies and procedures do the MoH make mandatory for DBH's running Mental Health based Respite care centers?
-What policies (if any) do all or individual DHB's have around their own responsibilities supporting Mental Health patients in Respite Care?
-If DHB's are having suicidal/unstable people come into these spaces, why do they not have mental health nurses or support workers there around the clock for 24/7 supervision?
-As Respite Care comes under Disability Support Services, does that mean that support for mentally ill also comes under DSS?
-As the MoH contracts specialist respite facilities for individuals with high and complex medical needs, do suicidal/unstable individuals come under this 'high and complex' category?
-What are the mental health care related qualifications required by the MoH/DHB's for respite care workers?
-How does the MoH hold DBH's accountable for their level of quality care given in individual respites within districts?
-If a suicide occurs in a respite care center, what is the MoH protocols for investigation into prevention that could of/should have taken place?

Thank you very much.

Kate O'Connell

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