Request for Official Information in regard to the OPC position of Assistant Commissioner (Policy and Operations).

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From: David Lawson

Dear Privacy Commissioner,

I note with interest that the Privacy Commission's website has advertised under "Vacancies of the OPC the position of Assistant Commissioner (Policy and Operations).

I also note that under the Commission's webpage an incumbent Assistant Commissioner (Policy and Operations) is still named.

I am therefore requesting confirmation under the Official Information Act as to whether the current advertised position of Assistant Commissioner (Policy and Operations) as referred to above has been created as a new additional position within the OPC leading to there being going forward two positions held in the OPC of Assistant Commissioner's (Policy and Operations).

Alternatively can you please confirm whether the incumbent, and or previous, as may possibly be the case, Assistant Commissioner's (Policy and Operations) currently still named on the Commissions webpage has or will be vacating their position as the Assistant Commissioner's (Policy and Operations), and therefore the reason that the position is advertised as a vacancy through the OPC's website.

In the event that the incumbent Assistant Commissioner (Policy and Operations) currently named in the OPC website has vacated or soon will vacate this position it would be appreciated if you could confirm as to whether they have been appointed to a new role within the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, and if so, what that new role will be.

For the reasons of transparency and relevance, I have sought this information because the incumbent Assistant Commissioner (Policy and Operations) currently named in the OPC website assumed the lead investigative role in a prior request of mine for the assistance in matters related to a DHB, and I am currently working on a challenge in relation to a number of written statements made to me by the Assistant Commissioner (Policy and Operations) (AC(P&O) in this instance, along with seeking clarification of several matters that are associated with the manner an individual is able to protect their privacy.

While it is my intention to seek first from the Privacy Commissioner, John Edwards, himself confirmation of the accuracy/legality of the written statements the AC(P&O) made before I approach the Human Rights Review Tribunal for addition support if need be, it would obviously be beneficial to all parties should the incumbent Assistant Commissioner (Policy and Operations) currently named in the OPC website be continuing in their role, or within an alternative role still based within the OPC.

I thank you for your time and assistance and look forward to your reply, and confirm that I am happy to receive your response by way of email to [email address] at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,
David Lawson
116A Lynwood Road,
New Lynn,
Auckland 0600

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From: Privacy No Reply
Privacy Commissioner

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Thank you for your email.  We are assessing your enquiry, and will contact
you within three working days.


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Kind regards,

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