Request for list of HRT pharmaceuticals available in NZ and their funding status

Amanda Ashley made this Official Information request to Pharmaceutical Management Agency

The request was partially successful.

From: Amanda Ashley

Dear Pharmaceutical Management Agency,

I would like to request a list of all of the Estradiol, Testosterone and Anti-Androgen pharmaceuticals that are currently available in New Zealand and their funding status for Transgender Health care.


- If they are not funded.
- If they are partially subsidised.
- If they are fully funded.
- And the applicable cost to a recipient if they are not / partially subsided.

Yours faithfully,

Amanda Ashley

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From: Web Enquiry
Pharmaceutical Management Agency

Dear Amanda


Thank you for your query regarding the availability and funding for
estradiol, testosterone and anti-androgen pharmaceuticals in New Zealand.
The information that you have requested is publicly available.


Medsafe is the government agency responsible for approving medicines for
use in New Zealand. Medsafe has a [1]product/application search tool on
their website which you can use to see whether a medicine is registered
for use in New Zealand. You can check with the supplier regarding
availability of registered medicines.


The [2]Pharmaceutical Schedule contains the list of funded pharmaceuticals
for use in the community. The [3]Hospital Medicines List (HML) contains
the list of funded pharmaceuticals for use in public hospitals. We also
have an online interactive schedule which you can use to search for the
medicines mentioned in your email. You can access the online Schedule
[4]here for funded community pharmaceuticals and [5]here for funded
hospital pharmaceuticals. Most of the medicines are funded without
restriction, so can be used for any purpose, including transgender health
care. If a restriction does apply, this will be stated in the individual
listing for the medicine. We do not have any control over the pricing for
unfunded pharmaceuticals, and the part charge for partially funded
pharmaceuticals may vary depending on the pharmacy.


I hope that this information is helpful.



Kind regards

Dean Zeng



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Amanda Ashley left an annotation ()

Following on from my post about the reply I got from PHARMAC I have compiled a document with all of the relevant information and available pharmaceuticals in NZ with their funding status (good news is that most of them are fully funded!).

There are a couple of things that I will be following up with PHARMAC about that are noted in the document. That will be done in a new OIA Request.

The word document (Named: PHARMAC LISTED PHARMACUTICALS FOR HRT) has been uploaded to (As I am unable to attach it here, and FYI won't let me post the entire contents here - probably too large).

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