Honorary advisers and it's selection requiements/nomination process

john luke made this Official Information request to Asia New Zealand Foundation

The request was successful.

From: john luke

Dear Asia New Zealand Foundation,

I would like to request under the OIA how you select people to become your Honorary advisers and what is your selection requirements and what is your nomination process.

Yours faithfully,

john luke

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From: Adele Mason
Asia New Zealand Foundation

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Dear Mr Luke


I refer to your request under the Official Information Act.


I have looked into the Official Information Act and its application to the
Asia New Zealand Foundation.  The Act does not apply to the foundation as
it is further removed from the Executive branch of the Crown than other


Official information is defined in s2 of the OIA 1992 as information held
by a department, Minister or organisation (and then it lists other
specific inclusions and exclusions).  An “organisation” is defined as
those listed in Schedule 2 of the Ombudsmen’s Act and Schedule 1 of the
OIA, which excludes the Asia New Zealand Foundation.


Kind regards.



Adele Mason
Deputy Executive Director
DDI 64 4 470 8702  P 64 4 471 2320
M 64 27 676 0745
E [1][email address]  W [2]asianz.org.nz
Level 16, Fujitsu Tower, 141 The Terrace
PO Box 10 144, Wellington 6143, New Zealand
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contents. If received in error you are asked to destroy this Email and
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