Request for restraint policy and the use of mechanical restraints in all services

Health Sector Workers Network made this Official Information request to Northland District Health Board

The request was successful.

From: Health Sector Workers Network

Dear Northland District Health Board,

Can you please provide all policy documents relating to restraint practices at Northland DHB?

Are there instances in the last year (June 2016 to June 2017) of the use of mechanical restraints? (i.e. strapping arms to bed) this is also referred to as physical restraint.
Can you please provide this data for both physical and mental health services and identify the service (eg older adult physical health, emergency department, mental health adult/older persons) associated with this data?

This data should be recorded in a Restraint Register and specify the type of restraint used (ie wrist strap) and the start and finish times of each individual mechanical/physical restraint. Obviously the presentation of this data should be anonymised for the protection of privacy.

Yours faithfully,

Health Sector Workers Network

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From: Kathryn Leydon (NDHB)
Northland District Health Board

I am out of the office and will be returning Wednesday 10 January 2018. I
will respond to emails on my return.  From 21 - 22 December urgent matters
can be directed to Julie Shepherd [email address]


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From: Kathryn Leydon (NDHB)
Northland District Health Board

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Dear Health Sector Workers Network

Northland DHB's response to your Official Information Act request is attached.

Yours sincerely

Kathryn Leydon

Director Governance & Compliance 
Northland DHB
Tel 09 430 4100 ext 60640
[mobile number]
email [email address]

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