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Rick Zwaan made this Official Information request to Megan Woods

The request was successful.

From: Rick Zwaan

Dear Megan Woods,

What meetings, by date and organisation, have you had with lobbyists, lobby groups, NGOs, business delegations, or other interested parties (e.g. not officials) between 27 Oct 2017 and 01 December 2017?

Yours faithfully,

Rick Zwaan

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From: M Woods (MIN)
Megan Woods

Dear correspondent


On behalf of Hon Dr Megan Woods, thank you for your email.


While the Minister considers all correspondence to be important and all
messages are carefully read and considered, it is not possible to provide
a personal response to every email which is received.


Where the Minister has portfolio responsibility for the issues that you
have raised, your correspondence will be considered and responded to where


Thank you for taking the time to write.


(Please note that this acknowledgement is an automatically generated




Office of Hon Dr Megan Woods



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From: Ben Cunliffe

Dear Rick,

Thank you for your request.

To assist the Minister responding in a timely manner, it would be helpful if you could clarify a topic or issue for which you are interested in or otherwise provide more information about what is meant by interested parties. For instance, what topic or issue would these parties be interested in? Any additional clarification about this you could provide would be appreciated.

Also, are you wanting a response covering all Minister Woods' portfolios or one in particular?

Kind regards,
Ben Cunliffe

Ministerial Advisor

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From: Rick Zwaan

Dear Ben Cunliffe,

Thanks for getting in touch. I am most interested in the meetings held relevant to her Energy and Resources portfolio. But I don't want a change in scope to be used as reason to delay the response.

Yours sincerely,

Rick Zwaan

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From: Nevada Lee-Mariu

Attachment MOIA 030 Zwaan.pdf
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Good afternoon Mr Zwaan


Please find attached the response from Minister Woods regarding your
Official Information Act Request, received on the 4^th December.




Nevada Lee-Mariu | Private Secretary (Admin)

Office of the Honorable Dr Megan Woods


Sent on behalf of Hon Dr Megan Woods




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