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Mike Patrick made this Official Information request to New Zealand Transport Agency

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From: Mike Patrick

Dear New Zealand Transport Agency,

Can you please tell me the current value of the Agency's biggest assets apart from the state highway network, I.e. Presumably some of the national registers and systems that it owns and runs such as the motor vehicle register and the driver licence register. Please tell me the value of the five largest (highest value) assets outside of roads that the Agency owns and administers and the basis for the valuations, I..e whether it is current market value, replacement value, depreciated value and any other information relevant to the valuation.

Can you also please tell we what the level of insurance cover the Agency has in place for these five highest value assets. I would also like the insurance cover split down into replacement cover, business interruption, public liability and any other sorts of insurance that the Agency has in place.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Patrick

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This has been answered by a response to a similar question I asked of NZTAs, through FYI about the state highway network, the value of it and insurance cover etc.

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