Does the University have a Student-University Contract?

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From: Richard S

Hi Rebecca,

Does the University of Auckland have a formal contract that students agree to when applying / enrolling at the University? (I found one for VUW and Massey online, but couldn't find anything on the UoA website).

If so, could I please make an OIA request for a copy of the template contract that has been used by the University over the past couple of years?

Appreciate your help in advance.

Yours faithfully,
Richard S

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From: Rebecca Ewert
University of Auckland

Attachment Accept offer TCs.pdf
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Attachment Online AFA Declaration.pdf
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Dear Richard

The information requested - the University of Auckland Study Agreement and Applicant Declaration - is attached. As the Study Agreement is only available at the Acceptance of Offer stage of enrolment, a staff member has accessed it within a test environment and provided it as a series of screenshots.

Yours sincerely

Rebecca Ewert
General Counsel

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