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From: Franque Farren Ordeniza

Dear Inland Revenue Department,

Good day! I already raised this question to Immigration Office and they redirect me to your good office who can give a clear answer to my query.

The restriction of student visa issued by the Immigration will allow students to work not more than 20 hrs per week threshold. I started working part time as UBER EATS delivery and UBER will less my weekly income for my GST. Normally, UBER will only pay its delivery partners from the time of picking up from point A and delivering it to point B. Sample scenario; A delivery partner may be online for the day waiting for delivery request for a total of 4 hours. Within 4 hours online, there were 5 delivery requests made and a total of 1hr spent for the actual work done. Hence, 3 hrs is spent for idle time (unpaid). The delivery partner is being paid by the UBER for the work made in 1 hr, and not the entire 4 hrs. My question is, how will IRD compute the total hours incurred for the week which will be reported to the Immigration?
Thank you for your kind feedback.

Yours faithfully,

Franque Farren Ordeniza

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Dear Mr Ordeniza


On behalf of my manager, Tony Donoghue, I attach his response to your
request of 8 August 2017.


Kind regards

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