Cloud assessment of Atlassian Confluence Cloud

Shane Gibson made this Official Information request to Statistics New Zealand

The request was successful.

From: Shane Gibson

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,

Does your organisation currently use the Atlassian Confluence Cloud service?

Has a formal cloud assesment being undertaken and approved for the use of this service?

Yours faithfully,

Shane Gibson

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From: Info Mailin - Shared Mailbox
Statistics New Zealand

Thank you for contacting Statistics New Zealand.  We will respond to your
enquiry within 2 working days. 

If your enquiry is urgent, please call us on 0508 525 525.


Information Centre Team

Statistics New Zealand Tatauranga Aotearoa




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From: Jarrod Williams
Statistics New Zealand

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Dear Mr Gibson,


Apologies for the delay in responding to you.


Thank you for your email, received through on 3 May,
requesting, under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act), information
on current use of the Atlassian Confluence Cloud service.


Stats NZ does not currently use the Atlassian Confluence Cloud service,
and so no formal assessment has been carried out.


You have the right, by way of complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman
under section 28(3) of the Act, to seek an investigation and review of
this response to your request.


Kind regards,


Jarrod Williams
Senior Advisor – Office of the Government Statistician and Chief Executive
| Kaiwhakamaherehere Matua – Tari o te Kaitatau a te Kâwanatanga me te
Stats NZ Tatauranga Aotearoa
DDI +64 4 931 4943 | +64 21 731 316 | [1]


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