Youth (Under 25) Submissions to the 2017/18 Budget

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From: Archie Buissink

Dear Auckland Council,
Can you please provide a summary of how many Auckland young adults (under 25 year olds) made a submission regarding the Annual Budget 2017/18 and the media through which they made submissions -; in-person events etc. Could you also please include breakdowns by ethnicity and local board area of youth who submitted?

Yours faithfully,
Archie Buissink

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From: Dean McIntosh
Auckland Council

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Hi Archie

Your request has been considered a business as usual request, hence this reply has not come directly from the Official Information team.

Attached you will find a report that outlines the information you have requested, i.e. channel, demographics and local board. This information relates to formal written feedback only. Demographic information was not captured at events or via social media, therefore we are unable to identify what feedback received via these channels was from people under 25 years old.

To outline some of the opportunities we provided for and used to try and target youth in the Annual Budget consultation (in addition to standard communications):
1. Emailed youth participants (15-24 year-olds) who subscribe to our People's Panel including a link to the Annual Budget feedback form and supporting documents
2. Emailed members of the Auckland University Student Association with a similar email
3. Had a 'Have Your Say' stall at the Manukau Institute of Technology
4. Conducted 'Have Your Say' workshops with Maori rangitahi groups

We are committed to growing our levels of participation with youth and intend to use the Youth Advisory Panel in the future to do this. In addition to the panel, we would like to explore other ways we can grow participation from this key target group.

Highlighting the overall numbers for reference, over 8,000 formal written submissions were received and approximately 5,500 of those gave demographic information (from which we can determine 490 were from people under 25 years old). In comparison, we received feedback from nearly 1,500 people at one of the events Auckland Council held or attended during the consultation period, and approximately 85 unique individuals via social media.


Dean McIntosh | Senior Consultation Specialist
Auckland Insights | Citizen Engagement and Insights Communication and Engagement

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