Total number of letters parliament receives each year.

David Johnston made this Official Information request to Parliamentary Service

Parliamentary Service did not have the information requested.

From: David Johnston

Dear Parliamentary Service,

Hi there.

I understand that people can send physical letters to MPs via parliament, and that postage is not required.

Can you tell me how many of these letters parliament has received, each year for the years 2011-2016?

I understand that Parliamentary Service is not bound by the OIA. If possible can you forward this request to the relevant authority.

Yours faithfully,

David Johnston

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From: David Stevenson
Parliamentary Service

Dear Mr Johnston

The Parliamentary Service does not collect data on the number of physical letters that are sent by free post to Parliament, and are therefore unable to assist you with your request.

Parliamentary Service

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Cody C left an annotation ()

This is likely incorrect as a payment would be made, per letter, to NZ Post for the services of FreePost.

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