statistics on MPs with disabilities

Andrew Hey made this Official Information request to Parliamentary Service

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From: Andrew Hey

Dear Parliamentary Service,

I understand that the Service is not covered under the OIA. However, I hope you will be able to provide the following information, with due respect to confidentiality of any individuals concerned:

1) What data does Parliamentary Services collect in regard to disabilities that Members of Parliament may possess?
2) Statistically, how many MPs in the current (2017-) and previous parliament (2014-2017) have identified as possessing a disability and/or accessed practical support from parliamentary services in relation to a disability.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Hey

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From: David Stevenson
Parliamentary Service

Hello Andrew, thank you for your request seeking statistics on members of Parliament with disabilities.

Members of Parliament biographies are accessed on the parliament website: ( and you may find the information you require there.

Yours sincerely


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