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Gary Stephenson made this Official Information request to Prime Minister

The request was refused by Prime Minister.

From: Gary Stephenson

Dear Prime Minister,

Dear Prime Minister

Your predecessor, Rt Hon John Key, (without referring to MPI), gave the assurance on TV that his cat Moonbeam was as safe as a house under the Predator Free New Zealand program and so were other pet cats. Without saying this is a question for MPI, which it is not, and passing the email to MPI, Can you, as the New Prime Minister please give me the same reassurance that my Pet Rabbits will be safe as a house under the feral rabbit eradication program as your predecessor was happy to give regarding cats

If not why not?

Why should Pet rabbits be treated any differently to pet cats?

Yours faithfully,

Gary Stephenson

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From: B English (MIN)
Prime Minister

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Please be assured that any matters you raise in your email will be noted;
however, not all messages will receive an individual response.


Yours sincerely

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From: Sarah Boyle

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