Rabbit Haemorrhagic Virus Verus Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Gary Stephenson made this Official Information request to Prime Minister

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From: Gary Stephenson

Dear Prime Minister,

I would like to know why the Government has such differing views on the control of Feral cats and Feral Rabbits.

In the case of feral rabbits, The deadly and painful Rabbit Haemorrhagic Virus is freely used and $480,000 spent in the past few years researching more virulent variants. With another $240,000 allocated for more research. These viruses put the lives of 116,000 pet rabbits at risk.

In the case of feral cats, the Government does not use the deadly Feline Infectious Peritonitis why?

Rabbits affect plants
Cats kill our native wildlife and protected species.

Why use a deadly virus on one species and not the other.

They are both feral and both pets.
Yours faithfully,

Gary Stephenson

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From: J Key (MIN)
Prime Minister

Thank you for your email to the Prime Minister.


This is an automated response.


Please be assured that any matters you raise in your email will be noted;
however, not all messages will receive an individual response.


Yours sincerely

The Office of the Prime Minister



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From: Sarah Boyle

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From: Alastair Gilby

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Dear Gary Stephenson,


On behalf of Geoff Gwyn Director Readiness and Response Services please
find attached a response to your official information act request.





Alastair Gilby | Adviser – Official Information Act
Office of the Director-General | Ministerials and Business Support
Ministry for Primary Industries - Manatû Ahu Matua | Pastoral House 25
The Terrace | PO Box 2526 | Wellington 6140
New Zealand
Web: [1]www.mpi.govt.nz


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