All information regarding inability to access emails after 'moving to the cloud'

Katherine Raue made this Official Information request to Office of Human Rights Proceedings

The request was successful.

From: Katherine Raue

Dear Office of Human Rights Proceedings,

I request all information regarding the inability of your Office to access emails as a result of 'moving to the cloud' as stated in the following correspondence, including a full explanation of how this occured and who is responsible.
Following the email containing the urgent application sent on 12th August, another was sent on 25 August stating:
Tena koutou katoa

Attached is the letter referred to in our application for assistance and supporting correspondence regarding Mr Mihaka's medical appointment in support of his application for an adjournment because the nominated dates are unsuitable as he cannot reschedule his appointment and the stress of having a two day hearing condensed into one day, starting earlier is not conducive to Mr Mihaka's health or the concept of fair justice. Housing NZ Corporation was granted an adjournment when their witness requested one on medical grounds and it is only fair that Mr Mihaka is treated in the same manner - HNZC were not simply told to attend on the other day and we'd squeeze it in, and it is not fair on Mr Mihaka, whose health was already compromised by Police who are also a party to these proceedings, a letter from Mr Mihaka's doctor regarding that recent incident, which is relevant to this matter, contains the following statement:

"This gentleman is seventy four years old and had a number of medical problems.
I am unclear of the recent circumstances surrounding the night he spent on a road in his car near National Park village, but regard it as inappropriate that any person of seventy four years old should, of necessity, sleep in a car on that stretch of road at that time of year."
Nga mihi
Katherine Raue
Maori Agent for Te Ringa Mangu Mihaka

The following response was received, which is the subject of this request:
"Dear Ms Raue

Thank you for your email message and attached letter received today.

As discussed with you in our telephone conversation on Wednesday 17 August, the Commission recently undertook an electronic migration to the ‘cloud’. Regrettably, during that process our OHRP mailbox went offline for two weeks due to matters completely beyond our control. The contractors have still not been able to restore emails sent to our OHRP mailbox during that time. Consequently we have not been able to access the Application for Legal Representation which you indicated you sent by email to the OHRP mailbox on Friday 12 August. However, as the mailbox is now working again it would be appreciated if you would re-send the application to [email address].

We very much apologise for this considerable inconvenience.

Thank you.
Pam Rowe
Registered Legal Executive/EA to the Director
Office of Human Rights Proceedings

I request all information regarding this ongoing inability to access emails including a full explanation of how this occurred and when and how it is going to be resolved. Further information regarding this matter and in support of our URGENT application for legal assistance is at this website and the new application form sent by your Office today will be completed and submitted (and uploaded to the website just in case it ends up wherever the first one went to) as soon as Mr Mihaka and I are able to do so but it is astounding to discover that this has happened, and gravely concerning for Mr Mihaka, who is under a lot of stress due to these ongoing serious miscarriages of justice:

Yours faithfully,

Katherine Raue

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From: Greg Robins
Office of Human Rights Proceedings

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Tēnā koe Ms Raue


Please see the attached letter.


Ngā mihi




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