Smallest town of New Zealand by Population

Raybon Judge Anderson made this Official Information request to Minister of Statistics

The request was successful.

From: Raybon Judge Anderson

Dear Minister of Statistics,

I am a New Zealand citizen currently living in Australia, and have recently been cheated from my winnings in a pub quiz due to a question pertaining to the smallest New Zealand town by population. I would like to make an Official Information request from Statistics New Zealand as to which town has the smallest population.

Added to this, I believe it would be helpful for repealing the decision from the pub quiz to have the New Zealand Government's official definition of a 'town' and not a 'village'.

Yours faithfully,
Raybon Judge Anderson

PS Thank you for your time and service.

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From: C Foss
Minister of Statistics

On behalf of Hon Craig Foss, thank you for your e-mail.


While the Minister considers all correspondence to be important and all
messages are carefully read and considered, it is not possible to provide
a personal response to every e-mail which is received.


Where the Minister has portfolio or MP for Tukituki responsibility for the
issues that you have raised, your correspondence will be considered and
responded to where appropriate.


If you are inviting the Minister to attend an event you are organising,
our office will be in touch shortly.


Kind regards




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From: Charlie Russell
Minister of Statistics

Dear Mr Anderson,


On behalf of Hon Craig Foss, Minister of Statistics, thank you for your
email of 7 March 2016 requesting under the Official Information Act, New
Zealand’s smallest town, and the official definition used to define a


Statistics New Zealand has informed me that there is no official
statistical definition for what constitutes a town. Therefore, depending
on the criteria used, which town is New Zealand’s smallest can change.


Statistics NZ advises that the [1]Urban Area classification may be the
most suitable to use. At the 2013 Census, the minor urban area with the
lowest ‘census usually resident population count’ was Waiouru with 741
people. Among [2]rural centres, Ohura had the lowest census count of 126.


For future reference, Statistics NZ has a free [3]Information Centre
service to help with statistical enquiries, and you are free to contact
them any time.


Thank you again for taking the time to write.




Charlie Russell



Private Secretary – Statistics

Office of Hon Craig Foss | Minister of Statistics

DDI: +64 4 817 9633 | Mobile: +64 21 244 0895 | E:
[4][email address]

Parliament Buildings, Private Bag 18041, Wellington | 




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Mark Hanna left an annotation ()

Please let us know how your pub quiz appeal goes!

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