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JennyM made this Official Information request to Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice did not have the information requested.

From: JennyM

Dear Ministry of Justice,

Under s.35(3)(b) Disputes Tribunal Rules Act 1989 it is clear that no party is to

", inspect, or take a copy of ...a copy of a report furnished or compiled under section 51(1) or (3) of the Act."

This was added in May 2011.
I have the evidence of exactly this happening on 13 February 2012, after the addition of s.35 to the Act.

I have a copy of a document called "transcript of teleconference of Tribunal".
The teleconference was a call between the two parties, and the Referee.
The parties were able to call in from their homes, as the conference was to discuss a point within the matter.

One of the parties recorded this teleconference without advising the Referee or the other party, or the third party discussed therein (me).

This "transcript" has now been sent to IPCA and to another organisation as "evidence".
It is clearly a forgery and there is no way of testing its veracity.
There are spelling errors, author added emphases etc throughout.

Please advise what action the Ministry will take against the person who has done this, as it is clearly an offence under the Disputes Tribunal Rules Act 1989. It is also a breach of the privacy of the Referee and the other party.

It has been used for malpurpose with intent to mislead, being called "transcript of teleconference". Their own barrister has admitted to the Law Society that his client took the recording and sent the "transcript".
What action does the Ministry intend to take against this offender?

Yours faithfully,


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From: correspondence, official
Ministry of Justice

Good morning, this is just an email to confirm we have received your enquiry and will respond in due course.
Kind regards,

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From: sjcorrespondence
Ministry of Justice

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Dear Jenny M


Please find attached response to your correspondence of 1 December.


Yours sincerely





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