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From: L.K.Barber

Dear Ministry of Social Development,

For the years 1990-1995 what were the qualifications necessary for a client to receive a "Widows" benefit?
What were the criteria?
How was this established?
What were the procedures & guidelines?
From what external agencies, if any, would the Ministry require additional information?

Yours Faithfully
L K Barber

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From: Operational_Support (WORKANDINCOME)

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Dear L K Barber


Thank you for your request.


Please find attached the manual  for Widow’s Benefit dated June 1990. This
is all the information we hold on Widow’s Benefit for the time period you
have indicated.


You may also find the Social Assistance Chronology of interest. This is
available at the following link:


I trust these will go some way in answering your questions.


Kind regards






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