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A Baxter made this Official Information request to Ministry for Primary Industries

Ministry for Primary Industries did not have the information requested.

From: A Baxter

Dear Ministry for Primary Industries,

Research Flock Saudi Arabia Bound:
The minister made the following statements:
New Zealand will export a research flock of sheep to Saudi Arabia this year under a breeding project aimed at bolstering the kingdom’s livestock supplies, according to the National. Pregnant ewes and lamb will be shipped by air freight. Some will be cross-bred with Awassi, a fat-tailed sheep breed found in Saudi Arabia.
“We will monitor which breeds perform best in the climatic conditions here,” Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy said.

Please answer the following.
What is the objectives of the research,
what is the cost of this research to New Zealand,
does the research involve Saudi researchers and if so whom,
who is carrying out the research and what are their qualifications,
where is it being conducted, is any being carried out in NZ or in another country other than Saudi Arabia,
what breeds are being tested
please provide the detailed research methodology,
please provide copies of applicable animal ethics approvals,
please provide copies of any peer reviews (noting that it appears some review came from NZTE)
and what have been the results to date.
What other research was or is planned to be carried in the future?

Yours faithfully,
A Baxter

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From: Niki Wright
Ministry for Primary Industries

Attachment OIA14 495 Extension.pdf
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Dear A Baxter,


Please find attached letter to extend the time frame to respond to your
official information request on 4 June 2015.




Niki Wright | Advisor-Official Information Act

Ministerials & Business Support | Office of the Director-General
Ministry for Primary Industries - Manatū Ahu Matua

Pastoral House 25 The Terrace | PO Box 2526 | Wellington 6140


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From: Justin Vickery
Ministry for Primary Industries

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Good evening,


On behalf of Chris Carson, Director International Policy, please find
attached a response to your OIA request.


Kind regards


Justin Vickery | Senior Adviser, Official Information Act
Office of the Director-General | Ministerials and Business Support
Ministry for Primary Industries - Manatū Ahu Matua | Pastoral House 25
The Terrace | PO Box 2526 | Wellington 6140 |
New Zealand
Telephone: 64-4-819 4629| Web: [1]


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