The economy is a household

Andrew Riddell made this Official Information request to Nicola Willis

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From: Andrew Riddell

Dear Nicola Willis,

Recently Radio NZ and others reported that you described our economy as being like a household economy.

Please provide all economic advice and reports that you have received that supports this opinion of yours that our economy is like a household economy.

Ngā mihi,

Andrew Riddell

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Thank you for contacting Hon Nicola Willis, Minister of Finance, Minister
for the Public Service, Minister for Social Investment and Associate
Minister of Climate Change.

Hon Nicola Willis considers all correspondence important and appreciates
you taking the time to write. As the Minister receives a large amount of
correspondence, it is not always possible to personally reply to all

o If your correspondence is diary related, requests will be processed
o If your correspondence requires a response, you can expect a response
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correspondence will be transferred to the appropriate Minister.
o If your correspondence expresses an opinion, it will be noted.
o If you have made a request for official information then this will be
managed in accordance with the provisions of the Official Information
Act 1982, which may include transfer to a more relevant Minister or
o If your request relates to media, it will be referred to the media
o Latest information from the Beehive can be found
here: [1]
o If you are concerned about someone's wellbeing, you can call your
local mental health crisis team.   
o A full list of numbers is available here:

Thank you for the taking the time to write.


Ngā mihi,


Office of Hon Nicola Willis


Minister of Finance | Minister for the Public Service | Minister for
Social Investment | Associate Minister of Climate Change.

Freepost: Private Bag 18 888 |Parliament Buildings |Wellington 6011 



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Letter from Hon Nicola Willis, Minister of Finance, attached.

Private Secretary | Office of Hon Nicola Willis
Minister of Finance | Minister for the Public Service | Minister for Social Investment
Associate Minister of Climate Change
Private Bag 18 888 |Parliament Buildings |Wellington 6011

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Andrew Riddell left an annotation ()

My request has been answered by the Minister confirming she had no technical advice supporting her stance.

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