Total number of small business closures

Jessica Gibney made this Official Information request to Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

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From: Jessica Gibney

Dear Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand,

I would like to request the following information regarding small flight operations; ie operations operating light aircraft capable of carrying 5 people or less, or operations employing 5 people or less.

Please supply a list of all small flight operations/operators who have had their licenses suspended, or their ability to operate shut down within the past 18 months and the reasons why.

I would also like to request all documents pertaining to a recent attempt to stop New Zealand Gliding from operating, and all documents regarding the recent investigations of U Fly Wanaka and U Fly Extreme and their subsequent license suspensions.

I would prefer these documents in electronic format.

Yours faithfully,

J C Gibney

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Westland air charter ltd left an annotation ()

Small business closures will culminate at the onset of SMS forced on small operators.
FYI in Canada, the Transport authority have limited the SMS exposure to aircraft operators using aircraft over 12500lbs, under that weight , you are exempt.
The CAA in New Zealand need the revenue at the expense of small business owners. New Zealand , this way its all downhill.

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