Email file(s) sent to Simon Tegg on the 11th July 2023

Simon Tegg made this Official Information request to Ministry of Health

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Ministry of Health should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: Simon Tegg

Dear Ministry of Health,

Thank you for the hardcopy response to ref: 608681 sent on 18th Septmber 2023.
The cover letter makes the claim that I had been sent an emailed response to a variety of addresses and dates including the 11th July 2023.

I request the email file or files itself sent to these email adresses on the 11th July 2023.

It is customary for the Ministry of Health to send a pdf cover letter and the pdf documents with an OIA response email. For clarity I am not interested in these pdfs. I request the email as a separate file. Email clients are able to export emails as ".eml" file (or similar) with the email metadata attached. Usually by clicking an options menu and a "Download email" or similar.

Best wishes,
Simon Tegg

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