Details on forthcoming setting of Refugee Resettlement Quota

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From: M Stephens

Dear Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment,

I'm an independent researcher and refugee advocate interested in the mechanisms for deciding upon the triennial setting of the refugee resettlement quota which I believe is next due mid-2016. Please note that this request doesn’t concern the substance of the decision itself, just the proposed process for reaching a decision.

In line with this framing, could you please answer the following:

* Has a process been established for the setting of the refugee resettlement quota? What is it?

* Is anyone to be consulted? Who?

* Is any information held about what particular feedback will be sought? What is that information?

* Has a timeframe for the various stages of the process been established? What is it?

* Are any other government agencies involved in this decision? Which ones, and what is their involvement?

In addition to answering those questions, could you also provide any other information you hold that is relevant to the process for making a decision for setting the refugee quota.

Yours faithfully,

M Stephens

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From: *OIA
Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

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Dear M Stephens


Please find attached an acknowledgement to your recent OIA request.






Sandy Tuhou
on behalf of


Alan Witcombe

Manager, Ministerial Support




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