Royal Commission of Inquiry, Covid 19

Liz Blue made this Official Information request to The Treasury

Currently waiting for a response from The Treasury, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details and exceptions).

From: Liz Blue

Under the Official Information Act I request any internal emails or other correspondence relating to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Covid 19.

Yours faithfully,

Liz Blue

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From: Joe Mansell [TSY]
The Treasury

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Dear Liz,


Thank you for your OIA request to Treasury for “any internal emails or
other correspondence relating to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into
Covid 19”.


We have taken an initial assessment of your request which indicates that
there are over 10,000 emails and other correspondence since December 2022
that would potentially be within the scope of your request. As you request
currently stands, it is likely that your request will be refused under
s18(f) of the OIA:


•            that the information requested cannot be made available
without substantial collation or research


Prior to making this recommendation, I would like to provide you with the
opportunity to refine your request. I would appreciate your response, with
a redefined scope, by 12pm on 25 May 2023. Please note that should you
refine your request, this will be treated as a new request in line with
section 15(1AA) and 15(1AB) of the OIA.


Kind regards,





Joe Mansell (he/him) | Ministerial and Proactive Release Advisor | Te Tai
Ôhanga – The Treasury

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From: Liz Blue

Dear Joe Mansell [TSY],

Joe this is bonkers. The RC was announced on 5 December. I have not sought documents back as far as you imply. I am happy to refine my request to any correspondence since 1 December 2022, and expect it within the original timeframe of the request.

Yours sincerely,

Liz Blue

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