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M B made this Official Information request to New Zealand Customs Service

The request was refused by New Zealand Customs Service.

From: M B

Dear New Zealand Customs Service,

On 20/03/2023 you advised that Auror is in use by Customs. (

1. Please provide all advertising material, propositions, documentation, guidance material, and manuals related to your use of Auror and relations with the company. This will include documentation provided to Customs by Auror in March 2021.

2. When did Customs begin using Auror?

Yours faithfully,

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From: OIA
New Zealand Customs Service

Thank you for contacting the New Zealand Customs Service. This is an
automatic reply to let you know that we have received your correspondence.

If your correspondence relates to an Official Information Act request, we
will consider and respond to your request in accordance with the Official
Information Act 1982 (the Act). Under section 15(1) of the Act, we are
required to make and inform you of our decision on your request as soon as
reasonably practicable and in any case not later than 20 working days
after the day on which your request is received.  If you would like to
calculate the timeframe, you can use the Ombudsman's online calculator
here: [1]


If we need to clarify, or transfer your request, or extend the timeframe
for response, we will contact you shortly. If more than 20 working days
are needed due to the potential workload and/or consultations involved in
answering your request, we will notify you accordingly.


Please note, we publish some of our Official Information Act responses on
our web site. We will not publish your name or contact details.







Te Mana Ārai o Aotearoa, New Zealand Customs Service encourages up to date
vaccination. To meet our workplace safety requirements you should not
attend a Customs site if you are feeling unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms
or have positive household close contacts.

The information contained in this email is intended for the addressees and
is not necessarily the official view or communication of the New Zealand
Customs Service.

This email may contain information that is confidential or legally
privileged. If you received this in error, please:

 a. Reply promptly to that effect, remove this email and any replies from
your system.
 b. Do not act on this email in any other way.


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From: OIA
New Zealand Customs Service

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Tēnā koe Mr Helm



Please find attached response to your request for information on 23 March



Nāku noa, nā


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