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Section 2 of the Human Rights Act 1993 provides no statutory definition for the word "human", nor can one be found in any NZ law dictionary or legal paper, thus, it's not publicly available in a manner appropriate to the explicit expectation of the public.

While it is already known that the administering agency for said Act is the Ministry of Justice, this request seeks to know whether or not a legal definition for the word "human" is HELD by HRC.

To further clarify, this request is not a request for a definition of the word "human", as that may constitute giving 'legal advice', on which you cannot give; rather this request is to know if HRC holds in its database a definition for "human".

REPEAT: THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR THE DEFINITION ITSELF, however, if HRC knows where a NZ legal definition may be found, please advise.

To avoid work, this request is not intended to seek information relevant to the definition of such words as 'human being' or 'human rights'.

Thank you,


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