Long wait times for NZ Parent grandparent visitor visa and 3 hour wait times for phone general enquries

Chandrasekhar Ammanamanchi made this Official Information request to Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Currently waiting for a response from Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details and exceptions).

From: Chandrasekhar Ammanamanchi

Dear Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment,

Dear Sir / Madam

I am writing regarding My Father’s Parent / Grand Parent Visitor Visa. I am appalled by the delays caused. I am the nominated person in his application. I had launched his application on the 28th of October 2022 following the death of my Mother. My father is 80 Years old and while I appreciate everything your department does in protecting our borders, I’m also upset and hurt in the way you are treating your applicants. I’m sure your department knew they will be dealing with senior citizens and their emotions when handling their applications in this category. Of all the categories this must be the one that is acted upon quickly owing to their age and vulnerability. I am very upset about the following:

I am upset about the delays in Medical Reports handling,
About the ambiguity in your medical processing when your team asks for additional reports without providing an explanation why. Do you know it costs a lot to complete these tests and it did in my father’s case.
About keeping the application status field vague & not updating the status in time & not providing an appropriate status
About not answering your phones in time (3 hours wait time) and no apologies. Imagine callers from overseas.
About your frequent changes to the processing time and conditions without letting the individual applicants know of the changes.
I view your department’s handling of applicant’s as rude, lacking respect for the people in this category, lack of due consideration of their age and financial capacity.

When complaining, you ask for us to treat you with courtesy and respect, but I do not see this displayed by your team in their actions. No response and no timely communication to your applicants is an uncourteous act and sheer disrespect.

When I (Citizen of NZ) am going to support my Father financially on all matters when here. I have a right to question this ‘lack lustre service’.

Please put your act together. Raise your concerns if you’re not being heard. I can understand when the department’s needs are ignored but please speak out, say things as it is and communicate. New Zealand is near perfect in all it does, this small thing should not let us be viewed in poor light. Please take this complaint objectively and improve by reversing the trend if possible.

Senior Citizens are not like small children with perfect health. Give them that respect and consideration and show them the warm courtesy we are known for.

***I have my full call recording with commentary showing a 3 hour wait and no regret or apologies expressed for any inconveniences

May God Bless


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