2022 Clinical Selection Test information

M Baumann made this Official Information request to University of Auckland

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From: M Baumann

Dear University of Auckland,

I am requesting information on student performance in the 2022 Clinical Selection Test (CST) for entry into undergraduate clinical programmes.

Please provide the following information:

(1) The number of students who completed the CST
(2) The overall grade distribution for the CST (broken down by letter grade, e.g. A+, A, A-, etc., for the final/overall grade in the CST)

I would also like specific information on the three papers which were assessed as part of the CST:

CHEM 110

For the three papers listed above, please provide the following data relevant to the CST:

(3) The grade distribution in the CST, specific to that paper (broken down by letter grade, e.g. A+, A, A-, etc., for each of the three component papers)

Yours faithfully,

M Baumann

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