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From: Sumit Kumar

Dear Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment,

Yours faithfully,

As INZ said in feb/march 2022 that they will assess applications of Rv2021 on basis of visa expiry dates but it doesn’t look like the case now.
We can see applicants with visa expiring in 2024 are ‘under assessment’ or ‘gathering information’ whereas applicants with visa expiry in 2023 are still ‘preparing application’.

I would like to know what criteria is INZ using to allocate RV2021 applications.

INZ didn’t provided any such information on their website.


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From: Ministerial Services
Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Ref: 2122-2196


Dear Sumit Kumar

On behalf of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment I
acknowledge your email of 19^th of May 2022 requesting under the Official
Information Act 1982 (the Act), the following:

“I would like to know what criteria is INZ using to allocate RV2021
applications. INZ didn’t provided any such information on their website.”

Your request is being processed in accordance with the Act and a response
will be sent to you in due course. If you have any enquiries regarding
your request feel free to contact us via email [1][MBIE request email] or
using the contact details below.


Nâku noa, nâ


Ministerial Services


Ngâ Pou o te Taumaru

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Level 4, 15 Stout Street, PO Box 1473, Wellington 6140

NZBN 9429000106078


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From: INZ OIAs
Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Kia ora Sumit

Thank you for your email of 19 May 2022, regarding allocation of 2021 Resident Visa applications.

Applications for Phase 2 of the 2021 Resident Visa opened on 1 March. Once submitted, these applications were held in the system until the end of March 2022. Holding these applications allowed the enhanced Immigration Online system to manage the high volume of applications across the month of March and reassured applicants that there was no rush to get their application in first. This was suggested by industry representatives.

From the end of March 2022, applications started being released for processing based on the expiry date of the principal applicant's current visa at the time of their 2021 Resident Visa application. During this stage, applicants were asked to upload their supporting documents. Currently, identity checks are being carried out with PDF copies of receipts generated and uploaded to the applicant's enhanced Immigration Online account.

Once supporting documents have been received, identities resolved and system records created, the next phase of processing occurs using additional functionality recently added to our enhanced Immigration Online system. This includes:
* national security checks and NZ Police checks which will be automatically requested
* integration with the Immigration Health System (IHS) which:
o checks whether the applicant has existing records on IHS
o checks whether additional health information needs to be requested of the applicant, and automatically send this request to the applicant
o enables the Health Assessment Team (HAT) members to assess health evidence for Phase 2 applicants
* having an application with all administrative functions presented to an Immigration Officer for assessment.

The allocation of an entire application to an immigration officer no longer occurs and this is therefore no longer an indicator that the application is being processed. A number of processing activities now occur on an application before an immigration officer makes a final assessment and decision on the application.

More information regarding the order and manner of processing of applications submitted using the enhanced Immigration Online system can be found in immigration instructions at the following links:

We hope you find this information useful.


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