Pass rates required for Maori Admission Process and via non-Maori Admissions Process

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From: S. J. Regan

Dear Victoria University of Wellington,

Can you please provide me with the required pass rates (averaged over Laws 121, Laws 122 and Laws 123) for entry into 200-level Laws courses for students entering through the Maori Admissions Process and those who did not enter through the Maori Admissions Process. I understand that 10% if the annual intake is reserved for those entering through the Maori Admissions Process but my request is what average mark over the three 100-level courses this required. And, similarly, on the other hand, what average mark was required for those who did not enter 200-level
Laws courses. Figures for 2005-2013 would be particularly helpful if figures are available that far back.

Yours faithfully,

S. J. Regan.

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Dear S.J.,

Attached is a copy of the University┬╣s response to your Official
Information Act request.

Kind regards,


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