Provision of military equipment to nations that have been invaded

Andrew Li made this Official Information request to New Zealand Defence Force

The request was refused by New Zealand Defence Force.

From: Andrew Li

Dear New Zealand Defence Force,

In light of the recent decision to provide military equipment to support the Azov battalion, I would like to request information from within the Defence Force in regards:
1) Any emails or other records held around how military equipment provided to the Ukranian military and 'national guard' will be prevented from being provided to extremist organizations, whether the Azov battalion and similar neo-nazi militias operating under the aegis of the Ukranian regime's 'national guard', or Al-Nusra Front/al-Qaeda in Syria and other takfiri fighters who have volunteered to fight in Ukraine.
2) Any NZDF plans to donate military equipment to victims of illegal American invasion and occupation, in Syria, Iraq, and countless other nations.
3) Any NZDF plans to donate military equipment to victims of illegal Saudi and Yemeni invasion and occupation in Yemen.
4) Any NZDF plans to donate military equipment to victims of illegal zionist 'Israeli' invasion and occupation in Palestine, Syria, and countless other nations, including 1948 Palestine.

Yours faithfully,
Andrew Li

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From: Ministerial Services
New Zealand Defence Force

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Good morning
Please see attached a response to your request of 30 March 2022:
Corporate and Ministerial Services
OCDF, Office of Chief of Defence Force
New Zealand Defence Force
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