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Sean Marshall made this Official Information request to Hauraki District Council

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From: Sean Marshall

Dear Hauraki District Council,

What plans, if any, does the Council have to review the Franklin Section of the District Plan under s 79 of the RMA and when was that section last reviewed?

Yours faithfully,

Sean Marshall

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From: Duncan Peddie
Hauraki District Council

When HDC took over the Kaiaua area of the Franklin District Plan these plan provisions were under appeal in the Environment Court and HDC had to wait until they were resolved. Since then HDC has undertaken the Wharekawa 2120 project which is a prelude for to a Plan Change that will incorporate this Kaiaua area into the Hauraki District Plan. You can search what this project is about on the following link https://wharekawacoast2120.hauraki-dc.go...

This project will provide guidance as to which areas are suitable for the appropriate zoning under the future plan change. It has been an adaptive planning process addressing issues like the flooding in parts of the project area. The community have been involved with this project and it is coming to an end in the next six months. After that we hope to look at beginning the plan change process.

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