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Request for WINZ/MSD effort to find me paid employment

John B made this Official Information request to Ministry of Social Development

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From: John B

Mr Viv Rickard, Deputy Chief Executive, Service Delivery
New Zealand Ministry of Social Development (MSD)
Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ)

Mr Rickard

As per my instructions on the email sent to you on the 8th Feb 2022 at 09:32 here is my request to have you provide information in regards my ex gratia case.

Two requests for an ex gratia payment to be granted were met with no action other that what appears to be a form letter from you declining my request. If you think this is a sufficient effort on your behalf to look into this matter then I find your effort woefully inadequate. As such I now need to have the following information supplied within three days, not the twenty you think you have after having MSD abuse me for nineteen years.

You are to provide proof you investigated my case by showing evidence of your thorough investigation. At a bare minimum you are to provide proof of all employers that were contacted over nineteen years in an effort to find me work. Contacting employers is the obvious first crucial step in finding paid employment but I put it to WINZ that at no time was my CV ever sent to anyone. So to prove that WINZ ever did anything in nineteen years to find me paid employment I need you to supply the names of all companies whom WINZ sent my CV.

I have an incomplete database of 174 MSD/WINZ employees who are connected with my case which I will add to this page, 20 per day, for every day over three you take to provide evidence of you investigation or to grant me my well-overdue ex gratia payment. I'm sure these people will be exhilarated to have their names appear online in regards this matter. The database is available as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The file is at:


and the password to access this file is my WINZ Client Number (without spaces).

The Community Law Office advised me that in your role as a Public Servant you have no innate right to privacy in work matters whilst I, a private citizen, have total control over what I allow to be published. In this regard I am "John B" on any publicly viewable website. Any abuse of my right to privacy will result in another issue that will be dealt with in the appropriate fashion.

John B

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From: PrivacyOfficer (MSD)
Ministry of Social Development

Kia Ora,


For us to find that information for you as part of this information
request, we need to be able to locate you in our system.


I will need you to email [1][email address] with your full
name, your date of birth and your client number – without any of that
information we can’t track down your record, and can’t track down the
information you seek.


I would suggest you email the above address so your information is not
publicly viewable.


Kind regards,


The Privacy Team



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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are John B please sign in and let everyone know.

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