Total expenditure on meeting NZ climate target

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From: Barry Brill

Dear The Treasury,

The Treasury paper dated 7/10/21 calculated $2.56 billion as the annual cost of offshore carbon credits required to meet New Zealand's emissions reduction target of 41% by 2030.

However, the paper stated that: “These costs would be in addition to costs associated with domestic mitigation, international climate finance, supporting a just transition, and costs to government related to adaptation, meaning that the overall climate transition costs are likely to be much larger.”

The Treasury will have had to budget for these four additional cost categories. Please advise your best estimates for average annual expenditure (until F2030) on:
– domestic mitigation through ETS
– non-ETS mitigation
– supporting a just transition
– climate adaptation
– international climate finance (including climate AID)

Please also provide your best estimates of the annual economic cost of compliance with climate policy regulation (ie non-government expenditure).

Yours faithfully,

Barry Brill

I will provide eligibility information directly

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From: Jean McDowall [TSY]
The Treasury

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Good morning

Please find an attached reply to your OIA request. Please note that this
response has been signed out via an electronic process, rather than a
physical signature.


Ngâ mihi

Jean McDowall



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From: Ministerial Services Inbox [TSY]
The Treasury

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Dear Barry,


Please find attached a response to your Official Information Act request.


Kind regards,




Nat Deys | Ministerial Advisor | Te Tai Ôhanga – The Treasury

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