Requests for full funding by St John

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From: Cody C

Dear Ministry of Health,

In the past 5 years, has St John requested full funding from Government?

Yours faithfully,

Cody C

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Kia ora 


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From: OIA Requests

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Kia ora Cody,
Thank you for your email. 

St John has made various requests to the Government for additional funding
over the last five years, but none for “full funding” as expressed in your
correspondence. In addition to receiving funding from the Ministry of
Health and Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), St John undertakes
fundraising and operates as a charitable organisation. St John has
expressed a desire to retain this charitable status.

The Government is aware of the increased demand and workload for emergency
road ambulance services across New Zealand. In recognition of this, the
Government has provided significant additional financial support in the
last three years for services providers, including St John. Most recently,
Budget 2021 provided an additional $83.032 million over four years for
emergency road ambulance service providers, with an additional $4.03
million being made available from ACC Levied Accounts. This has brought
total funding for emergency road ambulance services in 2021/22 to
approximately $288 million.


A major review of the public health system is also underway, based upon
the Health and Disability System Review. Initial phases of reform will
focus on how the health system is structured, how our health system works,
and where decisions are made to set us up for continuous improvement in
care into the future. Ambulance services will likely be within the scope
of this work, however, many details of how our reformed health system will
work in practice are yet to be determined. Up to date information and
further announcements can be found
here: [1]

Under section 28(3) of the Act you have the right to ask the Ombudsman to
review any decisions made under this request. The Ombudsman may be
contacted by email at: [2][email address] or by calling 0800
802 602.     


Ngâ mihi  

OIA Services Team  


[3]Ministry of Health information releases  

[4]Unite against COVID-19 


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Subject: Official Information request - Requests for full funding by St
Dear Ministry of Health,

In the past 5 years, has St John requested full funding from Government?

Yours faithfully,

Cody C


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