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From: Viv Laursen

Dear Ministry of Health,

I understand that Novavax has been purchased by the government as is stated on the website: "We’ve agreed with Novavax to purchase 10.72 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine needs two doses. Enough for 5.36 million people. We’re not likely to receive this vaccine until later in 2021."

Question 1. When will this vaccine be availble to the New Zealand public for vaccination?

I note that the French vaccine Valneva is being trialled here in NZ (, with pre-purchase agreements with the UK government ordering 100 million doses for supply in 2021 and 2022 up to 190-million doses by 2025, and European countries along with Australia considering it/in talks with the company.

As VLA2001 is a whole virus, inactivated, adjuvanted vaccine and is the only candidate of this type currently in clinical trials in Europe, and here in NZ, this would be an excellent vaccine for NZ to purchase giving broad immunity to Covid-19 and it's variants.

Question 2. Will New Zealand be purchasing this vaccine once it has finished phase three clinical trials and been approved for use? If so when?

Question 3. If the government has decided not to publicly fund it, but it's still approved for use here, will consumers be able to purchase it through their GP's for vaccination?

Warm Regards,
Viv Laursen

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From: OIA Requests

Kia ora,
Thank you for your email. Your query has been passed on to the COVID-19
Vaccine and Immunisation Programme for a response.
You can expect a response from the team directly in due course.
Ngâ mihi
OIA Services
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Office of the Director-General
Ministry of Health
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Amy Whitehead left an annotation ()

Dear Sirs,
I also sent a similar request for this information and I would like to know whether or not the Valneva whole virus covid vaccine will be purchased if approved in the coming months. This, for many, will be a more viable and attractive option.
Kind Regards
Amy Whitehead

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Chris Wardle left an annotation ()

I have also asked this same question of ACT and NATIONAL - I am looking forward to the response also.

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Catharina Treeby left an annotation ()

Hello, as a so far unvaccinated person, I am waiting for Novac, as health worker i am now under huge pressure to have the mrna vaccine. I would like any information on the roll out, or even trails I could part in as it comes available. Thank you, Catharina.

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Brad Marsh left an annotation ()

I too will await a traditional vaccine, that is one without the mRNA technology. There are a number of possibilities and NZ has already purchased sufficient Novavax to inoculate the entire population. I will be first in line for Novavax or even better the Valneva product when available. I am sure many others who are falsely labelled anti-vaxxers are simply do not trust the safety of the mRNA vector which still is only under Emergency Use Authority. It also stems from well-founded distrust of big-pharma who have been caught lying plenty before this. They will do anything and tell us anything for profit and cannot be trusted. If you want many more NZers to accept a SARS-COV-2 vaccination then expedite the availability of Novavax.

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Niki Smith left an annotation ()

Yes, Minister Chris Hipkins, you have the power to FAST TRACK the approval of the Novavax vaccine for New Zealand. If you really "care about the people" of New Zealand and want us ALL vaccinated then you, cabinet and Medsafe must approve the Novavax Vaccine. What is your time frame for approval?

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victor left an annotation ()

The comments and readers under the misconception of 'traditional style ' of vaccine need to widen the intake of informative materials.

On top of that pay attention to the official data sets which describe unequivocally there is no need for vaccines of any technology given the recovery rates in Nz and global being 99.xx all the way through to the 70 year age group.

Without any treatment or injections at all.

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Christopher James left an annotation ()

I am not vaccinated. I am not against vaccination as a means to prevent illness or sickness and to provide protection. I have been vaccinated – as most of us – against tetanus, smallpox and so forth as required.
However, I am not intending to get vaccinated with the mRNA versions of vaccination which at the moment is the only choice in New Zealand. I am confident that other choices will be made available in the near future for New Zealanders to be vaccinated with, in particular, the more traditionally designed vaccines, some of them currently used overseas.
This is not the current view of the Ministries of Health and Education which might also be reflected in new legislation. Hence I will have to reluctantly stop teaching for now unless a way can be found by way of compromise for me to teach and still obey the Covid protocol.
I would prefer Valneva or Sinopharm/Sinovac if and when they become available.

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