Statistics on Maori Children in CYF Care

Paora Moyle made this Official Information request to Oranga Tamariki—Ministry for Children

The request was partially successful.

From: Paora Moyle

To Child Youth and Family,

I am undertaking PhD research through Massey University. Please are you able to advise me of the following:

1. How many Maori new born babies did CYF take into care in 2013?
2. How many Maori children were taken into care via an FGC in 2013?
3. How many of these children were placed with whanau?
4. How many of these children were placed in non-Maori placements?

Although MSD held a reasonable breakdown of stats in previous years I note that CYF now hold this responsibility. I have looked at statistics on the CYF website but they do not provide this information.


Paora Moyle

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When government departments such as CYF/MSD continually apply a 'one size fits all' approach to information about Māori, in effect Māori are generalised into the greater mainstream mix of academic research, policy and ministerial reports, rendering them invisible/inaudible. Only the individual factors of social need are being focused on for Māori because they are measurable, whilst the drivers such as colonisation, structural discrimination and cultural genocide that perpetuate the marginalisation of Māori are ignored. Maori are half the total families transacted through care and protection processes, thus surely it makes sense to provide transparency via statistics that relate this them and their over-representation in this system.

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