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john luke made this Official Information request to Inland Revenue Department

The request was successful.

From: john luke

Dear Inland Revenue Department,

I have made a request last year,


Your response said the group doesn’t involve any member of public, however after some research online I found Arthur Chin claims to be a member of the group.

Can you please confirm if your response to me last year was incorrect, if yes, can you please let me know who else (member of public) was also member of that group. If no, can you please get in touch with Arthur and ask him to correct this issue on his LinkedIn page


Also may I ask if IRD has any similar group that involved member of public?

Yours faithfully,

john luke

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From: oia
Inland Revenue Department


Good morning,

Thank you for your request made under the Official Information Act 1982. We will respond to your request within 20 working days from the date of receipt.

Kind regards,
OIA Team
Government and Executive Services

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Inland Revenue Department

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Dear John Luke,

We have attached our response to your Official Information Act 1982
request of 07-07-2021.

Yours sincerely,
Government and Executive Services | Inland Revenue - Te Tari Taake

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