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Mr Evans made this Official Information request to University of Otago

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From: Mr Evans

Dear University of Otago,

I'd like to make a request for all of the results for second year law 2021 by paper. Just a simple table of the results.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Evans

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From: Mayhaka Mendis
University of Otago

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Kia ora

We acknowledge receipt of your Official Information Act request.

You have requested all of the "results for second year law 2021 by paper".

Can you please clarify that you meant 2021 papers? The 2021 papers have only just commenced and therefore there are no results yet for 2021.

Did you mean 2020 papers? If so, we attach a copy of information we provided on another OIA request at the end of last year. Please confirm whether this is sufficient for your purposes. If not, please clarify exactly what information you require.

Please note that the University's standard practice is not to report on numbers where those numbers are below 5. Where the numbers are very low, there is a risk that the identity of those students may be determined/inferred.

Ngâ mihi

Mayhaka Mendis • Manager, Policy and Compliance, Office of the Registrar • Deputy Privacy Officer • Te Whare Wânanga o Ôtâkou, University of Otago • P.O Box 56, Dunedin • Tel +64 3 479 8993

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