Cost of contractors in 2013

Andrew Crow made this Official Information request to Ministry of Justice

The request was partially successful.

From: Andrew Crow

Dear Ministry of Justice,

I am interested in the cost of using contractors during 2013.
I intend to send this request to a number of government departments.

I am sure you have an internal definition of what a contractor is, for my request I am talking about people who work for your ministry and not permanent staff.

Under the OIA I request the total cost of using contractors from Jan 2013 to Dec 2013.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Crow

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From: FYI Requests

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To whom it may concern,


Please find attached a response to the Official Information Act request
made to the Ministry of Justice by Andrew Crow. Please advise if you have
a specific address for Mr Crow if the response is not intended for this
email address.




Official Correspondence Advisor,

Ministry of Justice.


Confidentiality notice: This email may contain information that is
confidential or legally privileged. If you have received it by mistake,
(1) reply promptly to that effect, and remove this email and the reply
from your system;
(2) do not act on this email in any other way.
Thank you.


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