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Sovereign sharna made this Official Information request to Ministry of Health

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From: Sovereign sharna

Dear Ministry of Health,

The WHO stated that the covid vaccines rolled out by Moderna and Pfizer have logistical issues that prevent them from being easily deployed globally. It was stated that a few of these issues relate to storage and temperature.

1 : Pfizer’s vaccine needs to be stored at –70 degrees Celsius—colder than Antarctica’s average temperatures—in freezers that cost many thousands of dollars.

2 : Moderna’s can be stored at –15 degrees Celsius, but because of freezer requirements, it still has little chance of reaching far rural corners of the world, noting that the distance from the UK and US to NZ is indeed far and is a concern which has been noted.

Therefore, can you please answer the following questions to hopefully reassure the public that these publicised concerns are been cared for.

Question 1 -
How were the pfizer vaccines refrigerated whilst en route from their country of origin to NZ - please provide an answer for each different type of transportation ie plane, sea, land?

Question 2 -
Which company / corporation designed and built the refrigerator or refrigeration systems for the Pfizer vaccines? Can you Please provide the patent for this?

Question 3 -
Does the Pfizer vaccine become unsafe or fatal to humans if at any stage the refrigeration is not set to the required temperature?

Question 4 -
Do you have emergency steps and procedures in place for the pfizer vaccine ie in case of any refrigeration / temperature malfunctions, please state how you are equipped to ensure the safety and temperature requirements of the pfizer vaccine are met at all times?

Question 5 -
What resource consents are required internationally, locally, regionally / nationwide for the importation and transportation of the Pfizer vaccine for NZ?

Question 6 -
Does the pfizer vaccine have a hazardous substance or chemical / pharmacuetical registration number, if yes then please provide this information and the name of the agency or authority whom oversees and issued it.

Question 7 -
Can you please advice as to why it is necessary for the Pfizer vaccine to be stored at such a freezing temperature, and also what is the life span and also the half life of the Pfizer vaccine if kept in its required temperature storage?

Question 8 -
What licences have to be held by ALL or ANY transportation staff for the pfizer vaccine - PLEASE REPLY FOR EACH TYPE OF TRANSPORTATION ie plane, sea, land etc and can you also please advise as to what work safe requirements are to be adhered to and also if there are any work safe licences which are required to be held by ALL or ANY transportation staff whom are involved in the transportation of the pfizer vaccine - please provide an answer for each transport ie plane, sea, land.

Question 9 -
How long does the Pfizer vaccine live or remain safe and stable once it is outside of its required temperature and refrigeration storage unit? Please also advise half life?

Question 10 -
Due to the fact that no vaccine for coronavirus has ever been deployed in a public vaccination program, can you answer What happens if somebody is vaccinated but contracts COVID anyway? Would they suffer an even worse case of illness, a phenomenon known as antibody-dependent enhancement? Or in a less dramatic scenario, what if the vaccines prevent immunized individuals from falling ill but do not prevent them from infecting others? The latter could actually worsen the pandemic if vaccinated individuals think they are safe and become asymptomatic carriers.

And finally, can you please answer and reassure the NZ public on how you are upholding and adhering to the public's most fundamental right, "the right to life". How can you guarantee the public's safety and that of the lives of the public ? Can you guarantee that the lives of the public will not be put at risk of sickness or fatality once they are administered with the Pfizer vaccine?

Logically, due to no long term study or data been held or been able to be already done on the long term affects of the pfizer vaccine then isn't the NZ government and ministry of health taking a huge risk and in fact taking a gamble on the lives of the NZ public? Isn't this then, the complete opposite of protecting the public's most fundamental right - the right to life??!!
Surely, Any percentage of risk of fatality is not adhering to our fundamental right to life!!

Please answer factually and truthfully remembering allegiance and oath of office is held to HM Queen Elizabeth II in right of NZ, therefore responding with anything other than the truth would be an act of treason against we the people and also to HM the Queen.



Please pass my request on to ALL or ANY other agencies / authorities whom hold or can provide the information & answers for which I seek.

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