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D Lohr made this Official Information request to Accident Compensation Corporation

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Accident Compensation Corporation should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: D Lohr

Dear Accident Compensation Corporation,

1) If a ACC registered practitioner, treating ACC clients, is not paid for his services within a reasonable time frame, what are his available remedies to collect on such outstanding bills?

2) Is the provider entitled to interest on unpaid amounts? If so what would the interest rate be, or how would it be calculated?

3) Is the matter considered separate than that of an ACC client's benefit under dispute in that the provider is under a contract to provide services? Would the provider use the same process/venue for collections of amounts in dispute than, say, an injured patient trying to recover off-work pay?

4) Is payment of the registered treatment provider a part of the benefit to the injured ACC claimant? Or is it something else? Are they together or separate?

5) Would question 4 be in keeping with the Woodhouse Principles, or the legislation? Why or why not?

Yours faithfully,

D Lohr

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From: Daniel James
Accident Compensation Corporation

Attachment OIA D Lohr Acknowledgement Letter.pdf
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Dear Mr Lohr,
Please find attached an acknowledgement of your request for information.

Daniel James, Advisor, ACC
  ACC/ Government Services/ Level 7 Justice Centre 19 Aitken St
  PO Box 242 / Wellington 6011 / New Zealand / [1]

  ACC cares about the environment – please don’t print this email
    unless it is really necessary. Thank you.


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From: D Lohr

Dear Daniel James,

I still do not have a reply to this request. Please re-send it, if you have already sent one.

Yours sincerely,

D Lohr

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