Partnership residency visa application (offshore)

K Wong made this Official Information request to Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

The request was successful.

From: K Wong

Dear Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment,

Due to Covid-19 and the border restrictions currently in place, no visa applications are currently being processed for client who are currently offshore.

Information from New Zealand Immigration website
You can come here without first requesting to travel if you are:
1) a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
2) a resident with valid travel conditions, unless you got a resident visa outside New
Zealand and you have never used it to travel here
3) a partner or dependent child of a New Zealand citizen or resident, and your visa is
based on this relationship
4) a diplomat who holds a post in New Zealand.

On behalf of my wife, she has submitted her partnership residency visa application (offshore) and logged in February 2020. I am a supporting partner and we are living offshore.

I ( New Zealand citizen) would travel with her (my wife) to New Zealand if her visa (partnership residency visa application (offshore) ) were approved.

I refer to the above condition (3) which I found from the New Zealand Immigration website.

If that is the case, then her application should not be on hold.

Yours faithfully,

K Wong

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From: WF OIAnon DOL
Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Good afternoon,


Can you please provide:

Your name and DOB

Your wife's name and DOB


Jay Barry

Support Officer | Privacy/OIA Team


Level 5 – Manukau Area Office

Immigration New Zealand

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment


[1][email address]

Postal Address: PO Box 76895, Auckland 2241, New Zealand

Courier Address: c/- DX Mail, 20 Fairfax Avenue, Penrose, Auckland 1061,
New Zealand, EP71514


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any feedback online at [2]




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From: K Wong

Dear WF OIAnon DOL,

Jay can you provide me your email address. I will reply from there.

I do not want our name and DOB appear on the website.

Yours sincerely,

K Wong

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From: WF OIAnon DOL
Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

This is an automated message. Do not reply to this email.


We have received your request for personal information. If you are
emailing [1]akl[MBIE request email] directly with your requests, please note
that we have a portal for such requests
[2] which we
encourage you to use in future.


We will not respond to or action the following requests:


• transfer an eVisa or visa label to a new passport

• correct an error on an eVisa, visa label or any documentation issued by

• update personal information, for example, contact details or partnership

• give us information — including documents associated with an online visa

• get a progress update on an undecided application

• return passports or documents from an undecided application

• receive guidance on immigration policy.


If you want to correct a document, contact the officer or office where a
possible error was made, or call our contact centre.


If your information request is accepted, we will respond within 20 working
days. You can work out the final date that we can send a response by using
the Response calculator for access and correct requests.


[3]Response calculator for access and correct requests | Office of the
Privacy Commissioner


We may contact you if we need any further information or to clarify your



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