Enquiry about SMC EOI application in April 2019

Margaret V Fernandes made this Official Information request to Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

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From: Margaret V Fernandes

Dear Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment,

I am writing this email to enquire the below information under Official Information Act 1982.
I submitted an EOI in April 2020 towards the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa (SMC) and received an acknowledgement and receipt for the EOI. I am currently residing and working in New Zealand.
As stated on the Immigration NZ website, the EOI application stays in the pool for 6 months before it expires.
My query is, given the current scenario wherein the EOI's are suspended until further notice,what happens to my application - will I need to reapply once the 6 months have passed which is pretty much in October 2020 or will it continue to remain in the pool.
I have looked up the website for further information and have contacted the call centre for guidance, with not much luck.
I understand the difficult times we are in, however, having some clarity in this matter would be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

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